Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 2010: My Morning Walk/Jog: Exercising More Patience Than Muscle

the other morning as i heard "i'm tired. can i have a drink?" for the millionth time from my scooter dragging 5 year old, and as i pushed my double jogging stroller one-handed, trying to hold a pacifier in the mouth of my screaming baby while my toddler whined that i wasn't going fast enough, this little thought popped into my head... "i'm exercising more patience than muscle. is this worth it?"*

well there have graciously been those morning in which the stars align for me: when I have just my younger two who can both fit in my champion jogger (I love love love my stroller), when Felicity manages to look like this (which she rarely does while at home): Tate is happy with his Veggie Straws and I can have a great work-out listening to my new Stroll-A-Tunes busting out Smashmouth's All-Star, such a happy, "you can do it" song. **
Other mornings I realize how desperate I am to get in a good workout and try to maintain patience, when I listen to my words as I tell my 5 year old child who has given up on our walk, to hurry because a dog is coming behind him (which in truth it was) and then throwing out the "you don't want to have to live here do you?" rationale.

Back to the question, "is it worth it?". I have decided "Yes!" Despite my days of very little muscle exhiliration and the fact that some days it takes an hour or so just to be able to get out the door with sippies, snacks, water bottles, helmets, sun screen, sun glasses, blankets, etc.... I have decided that I am helping my children develop a pattern of being active. Really they love our walks/bike rides/jogs (in the beginning of course:-) ). I have stopped trying to make it something it can never consistently be, a serious workout, and have shifted my mind into realizing that I need to expect a little less from it and turn it into a fun experience with the kids. We have developed somewhat of a pattern which includes stretching and push-ups in the beginning. We all do our stretches. I love watching Tate, who is thrilled to be allowed out of the stroller for a short time, attempt a one legged quad stretch. So cute! The older two love doing push-ups, which of course is done along a rock wall they love to climb after. We have also done squats together holding hands in a circle.
Hopefully one day I will realize that my patience and my muscles have both become much stronger, as well as my children's love for being outside and active.

*note: photos were not taken on this day, although i am getting better at taking photos one-handed
**Can you tell when I transitioned from typing from one hand whilest holding Felicity to two hands (which lasted about 5 minutes)? I started using capital letters again.


  1. I wrote several blog posts like this last summer! I don't have my pre-baby body back, but a year later, the outings are a lot easier!

  2. I feel the same way with my "exercise" walks. But I think you're right, teaching them about exercise is the most important thing about it. We'll have to do another walking session again with you guys, that was fun!



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