Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 2010: In Need of Some Calgon and Some Cleaning Solutions

I'm not sure how old I was when I saw this commercial or maybe the memory of the words, "Calgon, take me away!", came from my mother's lips, understandably so. So funny how the mind works. I found myself thinking these words just the other day, after how many years I'm not sure. You can imagine what my day must have been like to have jogged the memory of this frantic exclamation; I'm sure you know all too well.

I haven't posted in forever but I needed to enlist your help in coming up with a household cleaning routine that will work for me. I would love love love to here how all you super moms out there get it all done. I'm in drowning in a sea of things to do. I know you'll say, but you just had a baby. Yes, this is true. But I'm still going crazy. Well the baby is finally asleep so I must go, but I'm looking forward to your tried and true cleaning solutions!!!


  1. If you're wondering why no one is commenting... it's because we are all in the same situation.

    So don't fret. Just enjoy those little ones! Your house will be fine. Enjoy the moments... :)
    Love ya!

  2. I agree with Amy! There is no solution- at least not that I have found yet so maybe I'm no supermom. I often complain that I feel my life just consists of cleaning up after other people. I was just thinking today of how much messier our house is now with four kids than it was with two or three. It seems to never be clean! Not to discourage you but just do the best you can and try to let the rest go. One thing I need to do better at is to give the kids chores because whenever I start cleaning they ask to help. So put those boys to work!

  3. ok this might work for you it might not. I usually clean almost the whole house and do laundry and the ironing all in one day of the week. I know it is crazy, but basically my kids just play together or watch tv from 8 am until noon(I know I know, but it is only one day a week) and then I am almost done with everything. I ususally have to iron the clothes in the afternoon though, while Taj is sleeping. I know it sounds crazy but then all the rest of the week I feel like I can do whatever I want with the kids and not feel likr my house is discusting. Of course every day I need to clean up after meals and stuff, but I don't do the vacumming, mopping, dusting etc. The downside to this is if anyone came over well youknow 2 seconds after I cleaned the house it would be dirty again lol. At least I know I cleaned it. Most importantly though don't stress, and just do what works for you.Em

  4. I'm going to email you my chart! :)

  5. Amy, Thanks so much for the reassurance. Its nice to know that others struggle too- sorry that probably sounds bad, but it helps me to realize I'm normal. I'm really trying to just relax and enjoy my children. I'm good at it some days and others, wow, not so much!

    Karen, Letting things go is tough, but I think I'm getting better at it. You are so right about putting the boys to work. They do want to help and I have to remind myself to let them, even though it won't get done exactly how I would have done it. I tried to start some sort of chore chart for them and they have actually asked me if they could wash the windows. Its just a matter of me making time to follow through on the chores with them.

    Em, First of all, don't feel bad about having your kids watch TV while you clean. I have no doubt that your kids are not in front of it all day, every day. I feel bad when I have them do it too, but sometimes its really the only way to get something accomplished uninterrupted. I have tried so many different cleaning routines, but you know, yours come closest to how I actually get things done - its usually when I know someone is coming over that I will hurry and clean everything in one day:-) I think I may have to try doing it that way on a regular basis - that's my struggle, "regular", nothing is regular yet in our house. Thanks for the input!

    Jasmine, Thank you so much for emailing me your chart. I love your attitude of stress-free cleaning. And especially that if it doesn't get done by dinner than you let it wait and do your best to do it the next day. That seems like a peaceful way to approach it.

    Thanks all for your help and encouragement. I really feel refreshed and ready to try again. I love hearing how others are doing their best!!!




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