Friday, July 30, 2010

July 2010: To Chop or Not to Chop, That is the Question

photocard from staceywinters

So I'm guessing it was about 9 months ago at least that Mike suggested I grow my hair out.Normally when he makes a suggestion like that, I just take it at that, a suggestion, but this time I had become bored with my hair and thought I would give it a whirl. Wow, growing out your hair is tedious. Now that its almost past the awkward stage of growing out from a super short cut, I am wavering on whether to chop it or not. What makes the matter pressing is that I have a chance to get my hair styled by my most favorite hair stylist, Janae of Lunatic Fringe in Salt Lake. Yes, I chose the salon by its name: Lunatic Fringe, doesn't that just sound like me:-) and then just lucked out to find Janae. She is AMAZING, a real artist and perfectionist in hair styling. I can just tell her what I want and voile! Love her. And she recently married a Mike Johnson, so there you go.

So here's my dilemna:


*Felicity's new favorite thing is to pull on my hair
*I can look put together with 30 seconds of styling
*It is soooo hot here
*The one time I was asked if I was a model, was when I had short hair:-)
*I love this haircut on Sierra Miller- have wanted to try this


*Long hair is sooo pretty and feminine
*I can put it in a pony tail when I work out
*So many styling options
*I've made it this far with growing it out, why stop now
*I love this look by Jennifer Gardner-don't you just love her-of course my hair can't look like this exactly, but you get the idea


*I don't want to be the lady that always has that same hairdo
*My mom has short hair right now and I'm not so hip on twinsies-sorry mom, you're gorgeous, nothing personal
*Costs a lot to keep up a cut
*I look at those with pretty long hair and am envious


*Felicity's new past-time
*It takes time to do, something I don't have a lot extra of
*My hair texture has changed to be a little more frizzy and not so silky straight as it once was, hence more time to de-frizz and straighten
*I still have to wait quite a while longer for it to be as long as I'd like it

So there you have it, my dilemna: TO CHOP OR NOT TO CHOP
Would love your feedback and please take my little polls


  1. I vote CHOP! You are so beautiful and that cute short "do" would show it off! plus your neck would be cool for the rest of the summer!

  2. I voted! It's a tough one, but my new little bundle of joy also loves to pull hair and if she is anything like your little angel, you have it pulled back most of the time anyway. I love that pic of the short style you have posted! I wish I was brave enough to pull off something that hot! You totally look great with short hair!

  3. oh I love your short hair and your long hair, so I have no vote! However whenever I chop my hair, I want to grow it back within 3 weeks, but I have always been a long haired girl I guess. I know I am of no help! EM

  4. CHOP. I can't believe I am saying this because I LOVE long hair and hardly ever like short hair. But it totally works on you. I think it brings out your features in your face more especially your eyes. It is easy to do and it always looks cute. And I agree if you have the guts to do it and you do I say do it. BTW, love lunatic soon to be sis in law is looking to get a job there this fall. So that would be amazing to have them cut it. But again, it is your choice.

  5. I say chop. I think you look like a rock star with short hair, but you look great with any do. Men always like the long hair. You should have put a picture of what your hair looks like right now to give a fair assessment. :) Love ya and hope things are going good for you.

  6. I'm going to go with chop so I can live vicariously through your short hair! :) Scarlett now has moved on from pulling to sucking on my hair and it gets pretty nasty. I was growing mine out for a while and because of all the styling necessary to get my frizzy mess of hair to look decent, it was pretty damaged. I wish I could pull off a short 'do so I totally believe anyone who can (and who has 4 kids) should definitely do it! You are gorgeous no matter what! Can't wait to see what you do!

  7. Hmmm...I'm sensing some sort of consensus:-) I saw one person voted "let it grow" on the poll though. I bought a hairstyle magazine, so hopefully that will help in my decision. I excited to see what I will decide on too!



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