Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New York, Oh How I Miss You:-)

I know I'm spoiled.  5 days in an amazing city with 2 hilarious friends and no responsibility, ...spooii-led.  I  have been wanting to post about my trip and I hope to soon.  I just tried out Florabella's free diptych template off of FB with these two photos of my trip that I just love.

The first is of Central Park from high atop the Rockefeller Center.  Breathtaking!  It was sooo windy up there.
The second is of my fabulous friend Melinda, who flew me out there for this trip, sitting next door to this bakery, Babycakes, that we walked through a sketchy part of Chinatown to find.  I love that her I Heart NY bag is next to her as she studies the subway map on someone's fiery red front porch trying to figure out the quickest way out of here.

So many laugh out loud memories!!


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