Monday, December 26, 2011

Unintentional Twinsies

after a wonderful Christmas weekend, i received a wonderfully welcome late Christmas gift this morning...
Mike let me sleep in while he got up with the kids, put together every single toy: the baby stroller, scooters, bike ramp..., and cleaned up the packaging.
i slept in til 9:10am!!!  
after functioning on nights of 2-4 hours of sleep this past week, my body thankfully remembered how to really sleep in.
i woke up, relished in the quietness and solitude, then lazily made my way downstairs to a scene of childish glee as silly string had been dispensed, batteries inserted into various noise makers, and baby dolls were being transported.
i was reminded by a text from my lil sis that we were meeting together for a little shopping.  i got Felicity dressed in her darling boots and purple flannel shirt, then left her in the care of her amazing, sleep-awarding father and proceeded to get ready myself.
standing in closet in front of clothes wondering what to wear.  what can i fit in...
altered initial decision.
went downstairs to get ready to leave.
entered Mike's office to see Felicity and died laughing.
i had chosen the near exact outfit for myself that i had chosen for Felicity.
i couldn't believe it.
anyone who knows me, knows that i can not do 'twinsies', never have been.
yet, i find myself dressing similar to Felicity often.
i remember doing this with my boys as well - similar colors, etc.
but since they are too old for mom to select their clothes,
{trying desperately to teach them style and how things 'go' together}
its just Felicity.
i guess i wake up in certain color/style moods and they play out in how i dress her as much as when i choose clothes for myself.
Mike didn't get the fuss or the comedy in it,
so I waited to show my mom, someone who could appreciate this incident.
of course, shortly after this photo, i proceeded to change Felicity into another shirt:)

isn't she adorable in her boots and bow scarf?  a definite show stopper.
{these are the Twigglet boots i got on Black Friday from my friend's shop}
she was happy to take a little break from shopping to take a turn on this carousel horse.
she was such a good girl, wanting to walk from store to store in pursuit of finding Mommy some brown riding boots {no luck with the boots, but found some darling shoes i am in love with instead-thanks Liz}
it was an enjoyable girl day.
i love that she wants to be with her mom.
i pray that may always be the case!
ok, i guess if she initiates wanting to be 'twinsies', i couldn't turn her down:)


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