Thursday, December 29, 2011

Piano and the Wolf

owen and eyan began taking piano lessons this past summer.
they loved it right from the start.
it was something they could see the results of their work right away.
dots on paper, matching keys on a piano, turning into a recognizable tune.
i can't lie, it has been a lot of work, for all of us...
an extreme exercise in patience and persistence,
but i have to say that the fruits of it have been delicious.
confidence, concentration, perseverance,
to hear music played in our home is gratifying...even if its 'twinkle, twinkle little star'.

they performed in their first recital this past week at the home of their ever-so patient and accommodating  teacher Janine Williams.
it was a delightful occasion, hearing so many young children demonstrate their love of music through their piano pieces.

eyan played "up on the rooftop" as a duet with his teacher
owen..."you're a mean one, mr. grinch" {one of grandpa's favorites}
neither of them glanced up at their music
both of them expressed being nervous, but played calmly
i was a proud mother

i pray music will continue to take a starring role in our home as my boys get older
and not just from our dance parties.

music played a significant role in my childhood: with piano lessons starting in elementary school {not that you would know now}, a mother who played Vivaldi, Beethoven, Rachmaninov often, and our own family dance parties.

tonight i turned off all the lights and gathered my boys in the family room.  i had found the narrated version of 'Peter and the Wolf' on Spotify, narrated by what must be the same accent bearing englishman that i can remember as a little girl.  
there was a short period of 'moooommm, can't they talk more?'  but as they began to become involved in the story, dancing and giggles commenced, especially when mom skipped around the room.  hearing the familiar dance of the strings depicting Peter and the ominous horns of the approaching wolf quickly whisked me back in time.  
i soaked up every moment, every note, every giggle, and particularly the wide-eyed glare from Tate when the wolf 'appeared'. {he's a little cautious of coyotes and the like as of late - read his Tate-ism in the sidebar}.  i even caught Owen singing the tune later on this evening.  
love it, just love it.


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