Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Reluctant Pedaler

this is the story of the reluctant pedaler.
a photo story mainly...

eyan, my six year old has never had the interest of parting with his training wheels.
the image of crashing and burning has prevented him from wanting to.
i haven't pushed him about it, just asked every so often
but i found a little bike jump for the boys for Christmas and i thought this could be the perfect push. 
so a few days before Christmas, we took to the street.

he was definitely resistant.
before the launch we practiced stopping and getting off the bike
once he got on his bike and started to pedal, i barely had to hold on at all.
he did it!
the very first try.
{yes i was the pusher and the photographer...phew, difficult task:) }

a few rides around the cul-de-sac and he was done.
satisfied with his accomplishment but not pressing his luck on that crash and burn.

i love how no matter how he puts on his helmet, 
it always ends up tilted to one side.

lots of enthusiastic on-lookers
cheering him on.

mom, can i have my training wheels back?


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