Friday, July 27, 2012

life-support: sustaining hope and my Daddy's desire to fight

this morning i awoke with swollen eyes to images of Mike getting ready to leave for the hospital
i am so grateful for this man that i married who loves my father
and has created through the years, a bond of mutual admiration and brotherhood with him

this morning i write with deep reverence
i don't know if i can eek out all the details with these weak fingers
but i wanted to reach as many people this morning and plead with you for your prayers

yesterday my family received such difficult information regarding my Daddy's health and the decision that we needed to make, that initially i felt as though someone had knocked the wind out of me.

the overall picture
is that the infection is in his blood and his body is laboring too much to be able to fight this on his own.
would be required to continue to fight this infection
if you think that this would be a simple decision, you are seriously mistaken

after much prayer and trying to honor the desires of my father
we decided that putting Daddy on life-support in order to try and battle this infection
in hopes of still bringing his body to a level of stability to be transported to Huntsman Cancer Institute
would be the best decision
granted there are so many other factors that i have not mentioned, that this is an extremely oversimplified version of this

i have so many more things in my heart that are flooding my thoughts
but my main message for today is
PRAY, PLEAD that Daddy's body will be able to fight this infection in the coming few days.

this is the greatest battle of his life.
and we all know he is a fighter,
the strongest man i have ever know.

PRAY for strength for my mother
PRAY for a miracle.
PRAY that all of us may be at peace as we make decisions and as we watch the will of Heavenly Father unfold before us, whatever that may be.
PRAY my friends, please pray.


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