Wednesday, August 31, 2016

just where we are: family photos by Heal Courageously

the moments turn into minutes
the minutes into hours
hours into days
days, weeks, months, years

it has been years since we have had our family photo professionally taken
and so when Michelle from the incredible organization Heal Courageously offered her free service 
of taking our family photo
i was elated

Heal Courageously is a non-profit organization which provides a free service to those dealing with life threatening illness 
patients, care givers and survivors 
in which photographers volunteer their time to capture life just where they are 
in what Michelle calls “the night side of life” 
this time of life that shapes us the most  
she gives them the opportunity to to reflect back on those things that cannot be taken by illness  
to hear more about Michelle, her story, and why she founded this organization
be sure to check out my LifeBeats Project podcast with her here

i am sure you have all experienced the stress that comes with getting ready for and taking family pictures  
this experience was nothing like that  
it was freeing 
it was freeing to know that some one was coming to our home for the purpose of capturing us just as we are  
no wardrobes were purchased 
no predetermined poses 
just us  
we had not had our family photographed professionally in over five years 
and so much has changed  

Michelle and her photographer Emily came to our home and were there to serve  
their presence was calming and warm  
we captured Mike in his wheelchair 
with his garden
with each of our children  
we captured him and i together 
and us as an entire family in our home 
and on our back porch  
emotions were there on the surface as I watched my little family 
and cherished where we are 
and that we could capture this time in our life together

here are just a few of the many photos captured
that will forever freeze this time in our life
in our home
our beautiful home
16 moves in the making
where we can thrive as a family
and provide the clinical material for each of us to grow into our potential
i can't wait to watch


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