Thursday, February 28, 2013

mr right and little miss t-shirt tutorial: adventures with freehand cutting and freezer stencils

as promised here is the tutorial for my mr. right and little miss shirts
our valentine shirts this year as per our tradition

mind you, the idea for these shirts came as so many of my ideas come
nearing a deadline
{valentine’s eve}
and i just kind of start and the project takes on a life of its own life
i have to say it is such a fun and addicting process ... that of creating
being inspired and then bam... ideas start flowing... images flash into your mind...
your hand working with a medium...morphing materials into something completely new
something of your own creation
i highly recommend it

my inspiration for this project came from this piece of scrapbook paper that i purchased at the dangerously incredible store Archivers in Minnesota {yes, i promise my post on my trip is coming soon!!!}

oh the restroom icons all cutesied out

*freezer paper
*exacto knife
*acrylic or fabric paint
*foam paint brush
*iron & ironing board
*fabric medium {a good option}
*silhouette cameo machine {makes some things easier, but not necessary}

i decided to use freezer paper to create my design as i have come to love from my first experiment with it on our shirts for last year’s MS walk.... go team MJ vs MS  

i began with my trusty sidekick, my silhouette cameo, to create the rounded rectangular outline and text below.  i chose the spin cycle font.  for my hubby’s shirt the rectangle measured approx 5” x 8” and my baby girl’s measured 4” x 6”.  the boys’ i did at varying sizes in between

SKETCH out your mr. right or little miss.  don’t be afraid to freehand.  my first one took many tries.  use your first one as a base for any additional designs.  of course it was too fun to only design one, so i made each one unique.  when designing your figure, make sure to pay attention to which portions you want painted and which spaces you want left the background color.  click here, here, here, here, and here to print off my rough photo templates for each design.  {remember it was in the wee hours of twilight that my inspiration flourished}

trace your design onto the middle section of the rounded rectangle cut out by your silhouette, making sure to trace it on the non-shiny side of the freezer paper.  using an exacto knife, carefully CUT out your design, making sure to keep all the little pieces that will be ironed on.

place a piece of cardboard inside your shirt beneath where your design will be painted.  place your tshirt on the ironing board. set your iron to dry, medium setting.  situate your freezer paper on your tshirt in the desired location.  IRON over the freezer paper several times paying attention to the edges. i found it was easier to iron everything on lightly and then peel off the little pieces that i wanted exposed.

if using acrylic PAINT, you can add fabric medium instead of using fabric paint, dab your paint onto your stencil in an up and down motion to prevent painting under the freezer paper.  i choose to remove my stencil right away.  i let mine dry overnight.

viola! your own tshirt design. a great alternative to screen printing.

have a go at creating your own t-shirt design and see where your pen takes you
free your mind and the rest will follow
a little wisdom from en vogue

would love to see what you create.
share, please share.


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