Saturday, March 02, 2013

smile and wave: my first ad space

today i impulsively purchased and was approved for my first ad space for my blog
this purchase was driven by several factors
one, i have lofty goals for my blog this year with lots of exciting changes
two, one of my favorite bloggers, rachel from Smile and Wave, posted that she was having a sale on her ad space
and 'c', the ad spoke to me: "a great way to test the waters if you are a small business" or blog

so here i am lighting sparks 
testing waters

and here we are smiling and waving to welcome new readers from Smile and Wave
lots of smiles
a few waves {we need to wave more}
'hi' new readers.... welcome to Sweet Dreams are Made of These
read what i blog about here
and what elements make up my family of 6 here

for my current readers
to whom i say, thank you oh thank you for coming around again and again 
head on over to Smile and Wave and play "I Spy" with me
"I Spy" with my little eye
something that says 'Sweet Dreams' {that's all i could fit on a tiny ad}
and has a blue writing instrument on it
the scene looks a little like this

but don't be satisfied with a screen shot
go see it in its real place in cyberspace

oh my word i am in the same sidebar as some of my favorite blogs:
and cakies

sparks i tell you, sparks
its all starting with sparks
would love to hear what your sparks are
what is your inspiration?
what small steps have you taken this year that may lead to change or a goal?
what's lighting a fire under your feet?


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