Wednesday, September 14, 2016

loving your post-baby body

to love yourself is a gift you give yourself
to love the way you look is the bow on top
we all have beliefs within us that shape the way we see the world and ourselves
possibly outside forces turned into inner thoughts
we repeat again and again
for me the way i look right now is a result of lots of those
lots of hard things 
but my smile and the way i carry myself despite my weight
tells me that despite the hard i choose to focus on the joy

yes i initially wince when i see photos of myself still
but i then i look at the happiness that i see in myself and i try to allow it to outshine the shape of my body

i was so happy to have had a studio full of mamas and babies on my podcast
as we candidly discuss experiences and feelings about body image post-baby 
with a panel of three incredible moms. 
Michelle Petersen from The Mumsy Blog 
fashion blogger Brittany Maddux 
and Roxana Baker of Roxana B Photography 

we openly shared our struggles with the way we view ourselves 
and even moments when we have wondered who that girl is looking back in the mirror 
we dive into what experiences and beliefs have shaped our view of what we should look like 
and how we work on safeguarding our own children from an unhealthy body image 
what we struggle with varies but we each relate the things that have helped us through moments of definite discouragement 
and what we would say to someone struggling with this right now 
and for those still planning on having more children, what they 
(because you know I do not fall in that category) 
would do differently during their next pregnancy to prepare for their post-baby body. 

you are not alone
whether you have given birth to children or not – 
it is something we all struggle with
and we hope our very candid responses help you to feel that

listen to our podcast on The LifeBeats Project here
Winning your battle with your post-baby body image | with Brittany Maddux, Michelle Petersen, and Roxana Baker (TLBP #29)

we were joined by lifestyle blogger Alycia Crowley
for an opportunity to work with Shabby Apple
-the clothing store dedicated to celebrating the beauty in you-
to celebrate and honor our post-baby bodies
with a photo shoot by Roxana B Photography

and you can get in on the celebration too 
with our huge giveaway of five dresses
hop on over to my Instagram @lifebeatsproject for more details today Sept 14 at 10 am MST 
giveaway lasts til Sept 17 at 10 am

for me choosing clothes is tricky
i loved how many options Shabby Apple had available and in a variety of sizes
i choose clothes that have some structure like the seaming on the bodice
and have some illusion of angles like the belt wrap and flare skirt
i love color and love the way it makes me feel when i wear it

check out the other girls' blog posts on their thoughts on self-acceptance, body image, 
and their choice in clothing


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