Saturday, May 27, 2006

April 2006: Mike turns 32 - Our Champion

The boys and I planned a fun birthday for Mike. He just wanted it to be us, so we planned a "Tournament of Champions" and made him a trophy from a knight figurine and a rock that read "Our Champion". The tournament started with miniature golf which was highly competitive until the end; Mike pulled ahead. Owen sure gave him a run for his money, though:-). I think I need to retake my golf class. We had a fun night and Mike raked in the presents, his favorite being his BBQ.

The boys and I had gone shopping the night before for some things and I told Owen not tell Mike anything about his presents. Owen came home and said to Mike, "Don't ask me anything about your presents, because I can't tell you." The next morning when we were all sitting at the table for breakfast Owen said, "When is Daddy going to open his BBQ?" He started to cry when he realized he had just ruined the surprise. He is such a sensitive little boy. Mike didn't mind, he went and bought himself some birthday presents at Barnes, grilling books.


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