Saturday, May 27, 2006

March 2006: Eyan turns 1

Our Baby Sunshine turned 1 on March 29th. We celebrated it with his First Pancake Breakfast. They are a big deal in our family. Its Owen's favorite thing to do with Dad (since he's the chef in the family) and what better way to celebrate. I'll take pancakes to cake anyday. The Johnson Fam came over and celebrated with us. Owen and Eyan sure love being around sooo many cousins. Here Eyan is with his cousins Jessica and Jane (those Johnson genes are strong aren't they), and with Grammy and Grandpa. 

Later on we went to the Mayan Restaurant for dinner, a favorite of Owen's since he can watch the cliff divers. One of these days Eyan will get to choose what he wants. Here Eyan is after dinner in his cute hat trying to climb up the stairs, a new favorite.


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