Sunday, May 28, 2006

April 2006: Vanessa's Shower

We drove down to California at the end of April to throw Vanessa and Jackson two baby showers. I think she really enjoyed them. It was great to see a lot of our family and friends. I sure miss them. Here I am with my sisters Liz and Ness, my Mom's family, and Owen (thanks for the photos contributed by my sister).


  1. It looks like Liz and Ness are wearing one necklace around both of their necks.

  2. WoW!! I had no idea Ness was pregnant!! Congratulations to her! And how is Lucas' baby doing?? This is so great that you are doing this now Briana! Love, Des

  3. I love all of these photos! I can't believe that photo of all of the ladies - how beautiful everyone is.

    Your kids are so cute, I love seeing thier photographs, they always make me smile.

  4. Are you loving this? cute pics!



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