Tuesday, June 20, 2006

May 2006: Memorial Day: Pinatas-Owen's 4th Birthday

If you were at our Cinco de Mayo party, the title "pinatas" might drive fear in your heart as we sort of had a few life-threatening mishaps, but for Owen's Birthday it was just fun and games. Mike "let Owen choose" the pinata and somehow we ended up with a Darth Vader one. When I find who was taking pictures while I was videoing I'll add some to the blog. On to cake time: Owen choose a chocolate cake with Mickey sprinkles, yes I know you are all so surprised that I didn't create a homemade masterpiece. He loved his "birthday party" with all of his Johnson cousins. Grammy gave him a special present with "O...W...E...N..." on it, as Owen says, "for me to be a missionary". Trying to leave is the worst part of any excursion. Owen hates leaving anywhere except our house. Home to try out Owen's birthday present, a new big boy bike!!!


  1. briana i am looking forward to seeing the water skiing pics- hope you had a good time on your date!

  2. Briana, I can't get enough of all of these pictures! I could leave comments for all of them! Owen & Eyan are just the cutest - Owen looks exactly like Mike and Eyan definitely looks more like you - so much fun!!! Sending you lots of love, Des



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