Wednesday, June 27, 2007

May 2007: Favorite Images of May

May really flew by. Yes, we actually made it out of the house a few times. I hope that as I get better at being a Mom of 3, my blog entries might be full of more detail. Keep up those comments.


  1. YEAH! I was so excited to see new photos!! Your boys are all so adorable! Looking forward to this weekend!

  2. YAY, new pics!! Tate is getting big already. I hope I get to see you guys soon! ~Des

  3. Your still alive. :) I've been meaning to call you but haven't gotten the chance yet. My last day of work was yesterday so now I'm a stay at home mom. YEAH. Your boys are so cute and getting so big, I don't know if I would recognize them it has been so long. I will try and call soon, do you have the same cell #. Love Ya Kandice

  4. I love all the darling pictures! Thanks for all your cute comments on my blog. It was so good to hear from you. I forgot that it was my turn to call you so I will be calling you today. We miss you guys!!

  5. Breanna,its me Shannon Petersen!! I love your boys, they are the cutest. I can't believe you have 3! I found you through Tasha's blog, I hope you don't mind.

  6. Brianna,
    Your pictures are darling. What cute little boys. We hope you are doing well, and we sure miss you. Enjoy the beach. We wish we could.
    Love, The Monsen Family



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