Sunday, December 09, 2007

November 2007: Ho Ho Ho Makes Boo Hoo Hoo

The day after Thanksgiving, Eyan, Owen, Mom, Vanessa, Kelli, and their kids all went to Temecula for a Christmas Season Kick-off. We missed the parade - is anyone surprised? We cruised around Old Town and the kids got these cute reindeer balloon hats made by a funny turned creepy balloon guy. As we were waiting in line to see Santa, Owen's reindeer hat popped. Jackson gave him his - the 2nd one popped. Somehow by the end of the night I was holding 2 one antlered-is that a word?- reindeer balloon hats amongst everything else. And yes, I did try to combine the 2 to make 1 whole reindeer - but who can figure out how those guys make those things anyway.

The best part of the whole evening was the Santa Photo seen above! There was a little shack in which Santa and his elves sat. As soon as we got inside both Davis and Jackson started wailing - it wasn't a little cry, it was a wail. The sweet Santa kept trying to direct Vanessa and Kelli on how to still get a good picture and tried to help the boys stop crying, but it only made it worse. This is a horrible photo on many levels: the lighting, the positioning, Mom's hands in the corner fumbling to figure out Kelli's video camera, the look of fear on Jackson's face and of torture on Davis'. However, if you look at the photo I cropped out from it, you can see two darling little boys surronding a cute Santa. Kelli and Vanessa were so patient - Kelli trying to hold both children while one tried to wiggle free and Vanessa trying to calm Jackson over her pregnant belly. We gave a new meaning to the "Shrieking Shack". After that fiasco we decided to forgo the horse-drawn trolley ride and head home.


  1. The candid Santa photos are always the best. They teel a story!!
    I neglected to purchase the best photo of Austin with Santa. It was at the Temecula Mall and both Austin's and Santa's profiles were looking at each other with totally "Hey, who are you?" faces. I can only wish........

  2. That was an unforgettable night!! You gotta love the the fact that we waited so long to see Santa and then come to find out that they don't like Santa. But after that night Jackson seems to love every Santa he sees. Go Figure?

  3. Ha Ha Ha...that picture is so classic....we all look a little frazzled! My favorite part of that sotry is hwne we got to the car Davis was all happy saying he saw Santa!

  4. Hey Briana,
    Your family is so cute. I still remember the Ward Halloween Party when Eyan walked in as a pumpkin. To this day that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Sorry it took me like years to look at your blog, but I finally got my own blog so now I am figuring things out. Your family is adorable!



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