Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 2008: First Solo Photo Shoot

Well I had an opportunity to go on my first solo photo shoot a few weeks ago and IT WAS A BLAST! My friend Cheryl, who's photography you have seen if you ever came over to my house, asked me to help her out and take one of her photo shoots. I was very nervous but excited. It was a very challenging shoot - for Swell DJ Productions at a high school formal. Most of the photos needed to be taken with existing light in a dark dance environment. It ended up being difficult but I had a blast - what a fun environment to be in - one of my favorites - high school dances with my kind of dance music - Hip Hop and R&B. I was there for a good 2-3 hours and beside the fact that I lost my cell phone for awhile - a high school student actually turned it in - Thank you Heavenly Father- I enjoyed every minute. I have so much to learn about photography but I love it.

I was also happy to see my photos on the DJ's website. Check them out at:

Mine are the first 3 rows. Here a couple of my faves:

I hope to have many more photo shoots in the future.


    This dj was AWESOME at the reception I videod...very talented!

  2. Hey Briana. Isn't blogging cool. It's so fun to find people! I always miss our Freshman ward. Too bad they don't have Freshman Ward reunions (instead of High School reunions)!

  3. great job briana! i like the one with all the confetti! how do you find time to do all these cool things?



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