Sunday, June 30, 2013

don't be left in the dark

the sun is setting on google reader tonight
well actually its more like Cinderella's ball makeover, vanishing at the stroke of midnight
and with google reader goes my 'followers'
well not actually, you won't be erased from existence, just that established way of following my blog
i have loved seeing your little icon faces over there on the side
i don't want to lose any of you

there are still lots of ways to still be apart of the Sweet Dreams are Made of These community and 
get the latest dose of whats happening over here
i have switched over to Bloglovin
and you can follow me there
if you are unsure if having a reader is right for you, even those of you who are not huge blog readers,
head over here to my tutorial on Bloglovin and check it out
its truly a way to streamline habits of web viewing that you already have

you can also follow me through instagram, twitter, pinterest, email, and another RSS feed
don't become a stranger
we've been through too much together for you to leave now
we're just getting started...
i can't wait to show you all what mike and i have been planning behind the scenes
the best is yet to come
don't be left in the dark
be apart of our dream  {read about it here}

help me build a new following on Bloglovin'
my goal was 100 by July, and we're at 34!  
just a third of the way there but it could happen...

more than anything
just a huge thank you for coming here again and again
its still pretty crazy that so many of you have thrown yourself into my life and have enjoyed hitching your wagon to mine
together we have created a real community where people come to inspire others and be inspired
just by simply sharing your own life with others
there is a power in being real and vulnerable
you let people into your life
and make real connections 
the kind which create lasting impact
thank you dear friends
thank you


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