Sunday, July 20, 2008

May 2008: Owen's got the moves

Owen had his musical debut at his Kindergarten recital. He really loves music and has great rhythm and a wonderful memory for lyrics like his Auntie Liz. Prior to this he had only us as an audience, a little Weezer, some Dashboard, and some of Mike's hair rock like Judas Priest and Twisted Sister. Redeeming for us as parents, his favorite song to sing right now is "Called to Serve", a church hymn about missionaries called to preach Christ's gospel. Owen and Eyan march around singing the anthem with the track on repeat. Back to the recital, the best part of the entire performance was actually Owen's dancing, not singing. He really caught me off guard with the way he moved his little body. He was by far the best dancer in his class:-). The lyrics were "wiggle like a wiggleworm, stand like a statue". Boy did his little legs wiggle. He was a crack up to watch. Since we don't have a video camera, yes you read correctly, Liz took some footage with her camera. I'm trying to get it from her so I can post it. Here are some other photos after the recital. Enjoy!


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