Sunday, July 06, 2008

May 2008: 2nd Annual Family Memorial Day Games

Our family had a blast at our 2nd Annual Family Memorial Day Games. Definitely the adults had just as much fun or even more than the kids. I took photos of our partnerships at the beginning with their game faces on -some a little scarier than others for various reasons. (To see the real fun in all of the photos in this post, you've got to click on them to enlarge the facial expressions and subtle signs of cheating.)

Our game line up this year was as follows:

3 legged-race (adult-child partnership both faced forward, adult-adult partnership one faced forward, the other backward:-) ),

blanket relay (new this year),

trike slalom (my favorite to watch), and

the kids' favorite, the water balloon toss.

We are a fairly:-) competitive group and we love any chance for friendly competition. Awards of course were presented at the conclusion - best speed, accuracy, outfit:-), championship! etc.

There were so many highlights to this year's games-hilarious!

I've been laughing so hard looking at these photos, discovering more hilarious moments. Like Dad starting out the Trike Slalom with 2 shoes, then somehow one goes missing but still wins the race, Eyan's face is awesome. Mom starting the blanket relay with full speed as Owen's feet come shooting up in the air. Vanessa's not so subtle cheating with Jackson in the 3 legged race. I look forward to years to come of these games, hopefully our whole family will be able to join in next year.


  1. So Fun!!
    I love it! It might get nasty with my family. You know how brutal and ruthlesss my kids are. Just the other day The Princess stabbed Bear in the face with a fork. Next time I think he'll give her his chicken liked she wanted. Oh my.....

  2. how fun! so sad we missed it! I love the pic of eyan with the bandana and the one with jackson pushing owen! SO GREAT!

  3. I was laughing soooo hard when I looked at these, it brought back awesome memories!! We had so much fun that day! Eyan looks like a gansta with his bandanna on ! i love that dad only has one shoe on half way through the race !

  4. oh briana, these picturea are making me laugh so hard!! i love your family!! so good to see you all having such a great time. i miss you and love you dearly!



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