Wednesday, July 16, 2008

May 2008: My little pirate turned 6

Wow, I have a 6 year old, that's quite awakening. My little Owen turned six, celebrating it, where else?, but at Disneyland. We had a wonderful day and had visits from lots of loving family members during the day and at dinner. Really I am so lucky to have such amazing family that really knows and loves my children. Uncle Bub was a big hit. Owen got to go on some "big kid" rides with him.

We also have officially become Disneyland geeks, that is said in such a loving way. I have been wanting to be one for awhile but of course it had to come from someone besides me for Mike to be convinced. I am talking about pin trading. It really is addictive, especially for a "collector" personality like me. Of course they are "for the kids". Mike works with such sweet people and 2 of them are REALLY into pin trading and bought O and E their own lanyard and told Mike all about it. It has continued from there. Mike just bought Tate a Darth Tater pin for his lanyard. I never knew how involved pin trading is at Disneyland. It really is fun to trade, of course I'm wearing Tate's since he can't do it himself:-)

And yes you did read that correctly, we did buy a catapult for Owen. We are parents living on the edge! Next post... Mike loses an eye.


  1. Disneyland is the best! That's one of the things I miss most about California!

  2. I love the missing front tooth! Your play list is really good. I am going to have to download most of the songs



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