Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dye-ving Easter Eggs

dye-ving easter eggs

i want to look that cute when i go snorkeling
long eyelashes and all
when i saw these a few years back in our highly anticipated family fun magazine
i knew we had to go dye-ving
thanks to friends who helped me collect water bottle caps
our dip was a success
come on, can eggs get any snazzier

dye-ving easter eggs
easter egg coloring

egg dye
white eggs, hard boiled
permanent marker
3/4" round white adhesive labels
1" wide water bottle lids
small rubber bands
glue gun
flexible straws
self-adhesive foam
bowls or cups
willing dye-vers

we loved this take on traditional egg dyeing
we are after all 'dye' hard fans of straws in this household
any opportunity to take our straw loving to a new level is welcome

for full directions and flipper template see article here

dye-ving easter eggs

the boys loved playing with their eggs
dye-v dye-v dye-v
there may have been a few casualties
but we strongly recommend these dye-ving dudes and dudettes to bring much play and giggles to your Easter holiday tradition

Tate dye-ving his easter egg
Tate easter egg coloring
Tate's diver eggs
Eyan's easter egg ideas


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