Friday, September 24, 2010

August 2010: Snips and Shoes

Well I did it!  I snipped it off.  Wow did it feel great.  I have to say that as much as I love long hair, I love having short hair so much more.  It allows me to feel put together in a short amount of time, and for a mom of 4, that is fabulous!  Thanks for all your words of encouragement.  For the most part I have received great compliments on my new do.  There have been a couple of exceptions, my favorite being, "you didn't mean to cut your hair that short did you?"  Brilliant!

I love this photo!!  Felicity and I are outside the Mt. Timpanogos Temple where my brother Jesse and his gorgeous bride Jani were married.  {I'll post more of their wedding in upcoming posts}  Felicity is of course only wearing one shoe and I am fiddling with the other adorably stubborn gold sandal.  Mike often inquires as to why Felicity 'wears' shoes.  I use that term lightly, which makes Mike's point exactly, due to the fact that one or both of them are usually missing.  She likes to shuffle her feet quickly back and forth causing her shoes to come off.  She is hilarious.  She has such a distinct personality already.  Does she realize the importance of a carefully selected shoe to any ensemble?  I am guessing not yet, but I'm going to try my best to make sure she learns that one early!


  1. i am LOVING that picture. i wish i had one like it. you look amazing. surprise, surprise...

    btw, i can't wait to meet miss felicity. i knew her name like 11 years ago and now she's finally here! so happy for you.

  2. Love the hair, and you look fabulous, by the way! Doesn't even look like you have had a baby let alone 4!!

  3. Hi Briana! Scarlett also does the quick-feet shuffle (which we call "the cricket") making her lose one shoe all the time. After the one comes off there isn't enough friction from her chubby foot to get the other one off so people are constantly asking me, "did you know she lost a shoe"? It's constant but I don't worry--between two shoe-loving parents, she'll learn to appreciate how a good shoe can be the perfect accessory or pull an outfit together! Felicity will, no doubt, be a little glamour goddess in time! And you know I loooove the hair :)

  4. I'm re-reading this now that Felicity is 14 months old and I am pleased to report that she loves shoes. Yes she still pulls them off in the car and we are constantly having to look for them whenever we get out to go anywhere. But she knows about 7 words now and one of them is shoooes. She says it so softly and adorably, with an emphasis on the ''oo' sound. She loves her shoes:-)



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