Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Come Make Christmas Gifts with Me: 3 Necklaces



I mentioned previously that I have started a Sewing & Wearable Craft Group with my friend Heather that meets once a month.  This month I am taking a break from the sewing machine and doing some hand sewing & jewelry making to create 3 fun & simple necklaces that you can make as Christmas gifts (or keep for yourself- oh, so tempting:-) ).  1 of them is the ribbon & pearls necklace that I copied from a Charlotte Russe necklace, that I have received a ton of comments from people that they wanted to learn how to make this one.  Well, you are in luck!  Join me tomorrow night, Wed. Nov 10th @ 7:30 at my house.  One condition, you have to let me know you're coming, please RSVP-email, comment, call, etc.

Visit our blog at www.learn2love2sew.blogspot.com for all the supplies you need to bring.

Would love to have you come!


  1. Happening right now! So fun. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Ok, cute girl! Would you mind sending me instructions for the pearl/ribbon necklace? I would LOVE to make one or two or three! I've enjoyed reading about your family on your blog. My prayers are sent your way during the difficult time with your father. I'd love to hear from you soon. Email me: adelariel@yahoo.com

    Shannon Barker Richards



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