Friday, November 12, 2010

Who We Are Together

I have been so blessed to have the example of my parents in showing me what a loving and thriving marriage looks like.  These past months have been exhausting and weighty for them both, but they continue to strengthen one another.  Last night I went over to their home and experienced a beautiful moment of true love and companionship between the two of them as my father expressed his gratitude to my mother for taking such good care of him.  Tears filled my eyes as I listened to this exchange.  How did I get so lucky?

Today I was reading an article in the magazine Ensign that is published by our Church, entitled "Learning through Life's Trials" written by Larry Richman.  It was a wonderful reminder of the purposes and benefits that come with experiencing trials.  He states, "Trials give us opportunities to show the Lord and ourselves that we will be faithful."  I was reminded of a moment in my life when I was experiencing the most difficult trial in my life up to that point.  I knew that I had to go through with something that God wanted me to do, but I wasn't happy about it.  I was rather angry.  I remember  driving in the car and talking aloud to myself (not uncommon:-) ), running through all the 'in's and 'out's of what was going on in my mind.  I stopped myself and said, "Is this going to break my faith?" "NO" I yelled.  It gave me such an amazing feeling that I knew that I was capable of overcoming this difficulty.  With Heavenly Father's help of course, but He knew it too.  I could be faithful.  I could make it.

Br. Richman concluded with this statement that I just loved, "Each of us has the strength to bear our challenges in life because of who we are, who God is, and who we are together."  Love it!  Who we are together...Father and child.  What a blessing to have that knowledge!


  1. No words can express my thoughts right now. Just know you are a blessing to your parents! You are stronger than you know and your courage for sharing what you and your family are going through is so unbelievable. I remember when my mom was diagnoised with Stage 3 ovarian cancer 10 years ago.....Miracles happen and my mom is still here beating a 25% chance of survival she was given. Love and prayers to you and your family.

    Ruth Taylor

  2. My sweet cousin I have felt this and it was awesome to hear I too had this same thought I have a choice and I choose faith in the Lord and his will for me. We can make it through anything with our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ he will lift us when we cannot lift ourselves. He will comfort us when we cannot find comfort anywhere around us. He will loves us when we make mistakes or have weaknesses. He will be there for us our truest most loyal friend our Lord and Savior Jesus
    Christ. We are truly blessed to have this knowledge to help us through.--Love,

  3. One of my favorite photos of all time. Two of my very favorite people. Your loving parents!!



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