Saturday, July 16, 2011

Going Home

Well Jesse proclaimed it so, "It's official. We are going home today!!". Home. Home!!! Can it be true? Such promising words!!! I have to say I am holding my breath a little. I so want them to be true. The plan is that Jesse and Jani will be heading home today sometime with their precious girl and a feeding tube, oxygen tank, and monitor in tow. Abigail gained sufficient weight from being back on the feeding tube yesterday. Jesse said that they have been feeding her all that she will take and then have to give the rest that she needs through the tube. What loving care will be taking place in their little home as new parent hands will not only perform the normal infancy care but also the added tasks associated with Abigail's extra needs. I hope to relay more information and of course photos as soon as I receive them!

Thank you to everyone for you prayers, fasting, thoughts, support, love, and kind words. This is truly a triumph and a blessed day for us all. All of you who have made Abigail your own.

**UPDATE 1:56 pm She's all dressed up and ready to go!!! Home that is.
Sent from Jesse: "About to leave the hospital. Now this is how Jani always imagined her. Covered in pink, not in cords."

Its official when you're in the carseat, you are homeward bound!!

**UPDATE 3:57 pm sent from Jani, "wide eyed on her way home."  Abigail is discovering that there is a whole other world out there that she doesn't want to miss.

**UPDATE Jul 18th 9:52pm.  It has been pretty quiet on the news over the past 2 days.  I am hoping that means that things are going alright at home with Daddy Jesse, Mommy Jani, and Baby Abigail.  I know that she has continued on the feeding tube and has to be fed every 3 hours to ensure she is getting enough calories.  My mom said that she is sleeping well but like many babies, has her days and nights confused.  I am sure the exhaustion of parenthood is taking its toll so I have tried to just leave them be and hope they are doing well and getting plenty of rest when they can.  Hope to have more photos soon.


  1. Having just witnessed this kind of care of Elijah in our own home.... Im amazed how much he provides the grace needed. They will be beautiful parents, and praying Abigail grows stronger and bigger every day.

    Praying for them with g-tubes,and oxygen deliveries.... my heart goes out to them.

  2. love love love.. rejoicing knowing they have there little lady home.....she is precious. God is good and his faithfullness shines through in Abigail, and all she has already endured in her short life... praying for quick recovery.. and sweet normal mommy + daddy days.



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