Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fading and lasting reminders

Today marked a momentous occasion for my sweet little niece Abigail...the oxygen tube was removed!  Her poor little cheekies bear the last reminders of the tube as a permanent attachment since birth.  Soon those will fade, but her scar on her chest will continually serve as a reminder of the miracle and grace of God.  A true mark of tenacity to attest to the strength of her Spirit and will.  This little girl is a fighter, a champion in the truest form of the word, a valiant fighter.    

The freedom from her oxygen tanks means she is mobile now, such a blessing that most parents don't even realize.  To be able to take your baby from place to place without the weight and coordination of oxygen tanks, tubes, and monitors.  They are looking forward to performing even the little tasks with less hassle.  She will be able to have her first bath tomorrow.  My babies loved bath time, such a tender time of bonding between mother and child.  

It is wonderful to see her so alert.  The feeding tube will stay for now, but the doctors say that it will be gone soon as well.  She is continuing to gain weight.  She passed the 8 pound mark.  Selfishly I hope that these improvements will make it possible for their little family to come visit us as they had initially planned this coming month.  I can't even comprehend what a trip like that would entail logistically for them.  It would be a joyous moment to be able to hold my dear little niece, the sweet, adored daughter of my own baby brother.  Continual prayers coming their way!


  1. We are still on oxygen, the tubes, tanks etc so I so get the freedom!! Praising God with you that she is doing so well!! <3

  2. Kristen we are cheering for little Eli too! I know you can relate to a lot of the trials that my brother's little family has gone through. We will continue to pray for Eli and your faithful family!



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