Friday, July 15, 2011

One Little Step Forward, One Big Step Back

Although I received his message in a written form this morning, I could 'hear' the disappointment in Jesse's voice as he asked us to pray for Abigail.  Some people you know so well that when you read their words, you hear their voice. This is the case with my Jesse. This is the first time I have received a direct request from him. An earnest plea from a father on behalf of his precious daughter. Due to lack of weight gain, little Abigail will have to be put back on a feeding tube.  Such a frustrating setback after yesterday's hopeful prospect that she may have been able to come home today if she would have done better feeding from a bottle.  Kathy, Jani's mother, enlightened us on Abigail's feeding particulars in her comment last night on the post "Hurdle to Heading Home".  In part she states,
"They say eating is the most tiring thing for her so they need to make sure she is eating more calories than she is using to drink her bottle or nurse."  This is most likely the reason she will have to be back on the feeding tube today, she was not consuming enough calories from the bottle and nursing.  It is my guess that until she does, she will not be able to come home.  Jesse asked that we "pray that she starts to eat well.  Our stay in the hospital has been extended a couple of days."  

Just yesterday their sites on going home soon seemed so promising.  Abigail had achieved a time-honored milestone for any girl, wearing her first outfit.  Such a simple thing, but represented so much.  A small step on the path of 'firsts' that are the joys of infancy for every parent to witness.  Please answer Jesse's call to pray for his perfect baby girl today so that they may enjoy her first day at home very soon.


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