Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marquee Love

It has been a much needed distraction from cleaning and unpacking to meet with the
  Craft Explosion 
Instructors and do a run-through of each of the projects.  Let me just say that we have some fabulous crafting choices for you.  We have learned a lot by doing these beforehand, all for your benefit!  {and it doesn't hurt that now I have completed projects ready to adorn my blank canvas of a home}.

Here is my new love, the Marquee Letter.

My boys are enthralled with it as well.  Not wanting to turn off the 'J' at bedtime.  It really does give a nice glow.  It will remain here in their freshly painted new room until I decide where its permanent home will be.  It looks pretty comfortable there atop their dresser I do have to say.  Really it is just a matter of if the 'J' will be comfortable toppled over on the ground.  Just a matter of time really.  Today during 'nap time', the globe suffered a mishap.  Perhaps in protecting its new dresser-top-mate.  Only Tate knows the whole story.

Danielle and I worked from this brilliant tutorial shown on Design Sponge here.

This project will definitely consume the entire Wednesday session.  Oh so worth it!
Come on over here to sign up to create your own Marquee Letter and share in the love.

upper room paint - crystal aqua
lower room paint - Monterey Bay teal
globe - thrifting find
dresser - Jerome's


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