Friday, April 13, 2012

Ode to the little tikes slide

O little tikes slide, O little tikes slide
how you will be missed
your triangular form of up and down have supported the weight of four happy growing children
until that last climb was just one too many

you have been a rocket ship
an ice cream stand
a clubhouse
a jet ski
a bridge over hot lava
a pirate ship barricade
a ski slope
a puppet theater
just to name a few

your angular goodness the source of many 'whee's and 'woo-hoo's
{and occasionally 'boo-hoo's but we'll forgive those due to your demise}
your bright red and blue a reminder of childhood carefree at its best
the rush of that downward gravity on your 3 foot drop

you have moved with us from desert to mountain and back again
many a eight times
as i see you in that recycling bin
a part of my children's childhood goes with you

may you be recycled into my next market bag
so that our paths will cross again


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