Sunday, May 13, 2012

to my mother

happy mother's day to the woman who shaped my life
as i wonder if any of the little, ordinary things that i do as a mother each and every day carry weight or make a difference,
i think about how i feel towards you and what you have done for me
remembering that the relationship that you and i have
is what i pray my relationship with each of my children will become
yes, oh yes mom little things do matter.

for those times you
made me rad culottes and button down jumpers
detangled the rats nest that was my long hair every morning while i cried
took me to piano lessons and waited
stayed up late helping me build a castle and other school projects
made and saran wrapped my dinner to enjoy after late practices and meetings
took me school shopping 45 minutes away to the nearest major store
choreographed my drill team routine
wrote me encouraging notes and letters
stayed up until i got home from my dates and dances
mothered my friends who weren't as lucky as i
taught me that i can do hard things
danced with Daddy in the living room
encouraged me to pray and listen for answers

for all these things and a million more
i love you mom
you are what i want to be when i grow up


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