Friday, November 02, 2012

The Pretty Sock Exchange

i love meeting new people,
its one of my favorite hobbies:)

i also have been known to love 'house socks', Mike calls them
you know, those cozy patterned socks that you love,
that usually remain at home, but occasionally make it out in public hiding in boots or under pants
but really socks that pretty shouldn't be censored
and need a chance to shine

so put those two loves together {new friends + pretty socks} and you have

i have been honored to meet Amanda of Oh My Little Dears through my fabulous, well-loved friend Leslie of My Happily Ever After.  {i am hoping that if stars align, Leslie and i will be meeting her in person this February in a snow-coverd Minneapolis}

Amanda is hosting The Pretty Sock Exchange
here are the pretty little details in her own pretty little words:

Details: This pretty sock exchange is a fun way to meet other bloggers and to brighten up each others sock drawer. You will be paired with 1 swap partner. Find a pretty pair of socks and exchange!! And don't forget about the package itself!! It's always fun getting pretty mail!!! 

Dates: Sign ups will close on Nov. 9th or the FIRST 50 signups!!!  Swap partners will be issued by November 9th and please have your package sent by November 17th to avoid the craziness of  Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays!!!

so if you'd like to help brighten up someone else's sock drawer and yours in the process,
and make a new pen pal {such a lost art},
then leap on over to Amanda's blog and enter her exchange
your feet will thank you


read about Amanda's heart warming birthday event here and you'll fall for her instantly


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