Friday, December 14, 2012

guest blogger over on commona-my house

don't you just love the kind of friends who sincerely celebrate your successes with you
who go up to others, even complete strangers, and tell them the good things that are happening for you
they relish in your joys
they encourage you in your aspirations and dreams
they work side by side with you
and then the best kind of friends are the kind who cry with you
who cry with you when you ache, when you have lost something or someone so dear
they feel what you feel

this is the kind of friend i am happy to introduce you to today
my dear friend Amy and I have one of those amazing friendships that you never tire of, a natural friendship that leaves me the better after every encounter.
But alas we live time zones apart
thanks be to the internet and the old fashioned telephone call

i am honored to be a guest blogger today on her new design blog Commona-My House {i just break into song every time i say the name}
Amy has impeccable taste, stemming from her upbringing around an auction house full of timeless pieces.
She is ready to share her knowledge of design and her drive for inspiring you in your individual style.

Amy has a series entitled Freebie Friday in which she shares her favorite free finds from her inspiration sites on the web
this week she invited me to share with her readers my Holiday Family Feud game that continues to attest to the power of the pin
she had a great idea of even printing out the question and answer cards as gifts 
wrapped in a basket of goodies
love it

head on over to Commona- My House and give her a warm welcome from our little
Sweet Dreams community
read about the inspiration behind her blog here
you'll fall in love with her and her sassy Gram


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