Wednesday, September 18, 2013

those small details of moving

when moving it is best to have a place to move to
most people make plans over months 
on which neighborhood is right for their family
which home will serve their family’s needs
which schools are the best
where will they work
you know,
those small details
well, we're not most people

you know that you were meant to be somewhere when all those foundational life building blocks fall into place
in a week
or two

our new little home

meet our new house
oh how i love brick
and cute little porches
the inside not so much
but never fear
that is nothing a coat or two or three of paint can’t fix
i am excited to soon show you the front room and kitchen transformation from 90s faux paint faux pas to clean, crisp and cheery
if you have been following me on instagram you have gotten a sneak peek
the master bedroom and bath will be next on my list
wowsers i know it
you're trying to avert your gaze
but not for too long
you're going to love the new kitchen i just know it
be sure to check back soon

faux paint faux pas

despite its rough around the edges interior
this little home will serve our family well
actually our little home isn’t very little
basements are delightful things
all together there are 6 bedrooms plus an additional room without a window that we will use as our ‘theater room’
we only own one television by choice and that is where it will be housed
the master bedroom is on the main floor as well as a mike’s office
just what we needed
no stairs for mike to conquer between the main spaces in the house

 new house tour

the neighborhood we live in is quite lovely
view of the majestic mountain we live on above
view of the entire salt lake valley down below

view of draper utah

view of salt lake valley

as far as schools
it couldn’t have played out any better for our boys
it just so happened that there were exactly three openings in the charter school that their cousins attend, one opening in each of their grades
there was a total of eight openings for the entire school after the lottery this past year
we are one lucky family

first day of school at channing hall charter school

in regards to work
an incredible blessing of my Nerium business is that i can do it wherever i live
i worked hard to build a team in california and even reached the level of director the weekend we moved
i'm a new director with Nerium International

now with my team in california continuing to grow
i will work to build another team here in utah
the beauties of working in the relationship marketing industry
we continue to receive blessings from mike’s work with my brother at state farm and 
now mike will be able to work in marketing to help his father’s business to continue to grow

mike is on waiting lists to see some MS specialists
but as i told the young receptionist today at one of the doctor’s offices
‘alright i will call you again tomorrow to see if there are any cancelations’
we are going to become best buds her and i until they can get mike in quicker than late october
she said it is very unlikely there will be one
but all we need is just one
i would love your prayers on this
pray that an opening will become available so that mike can be seen by a specialist as soon as possible

thank you all for your continued words of encouragement and support in this whirlwind of change that we have thrown ourselves into willingly
blessings are coming at us fast
and i expect there will be more


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