Sunday, October 06, 2013

featured author on Power of Moms today

this morning i am honored to have my post
featured by the incredible organization Power of Moms
one dedicated to strengthening deliberate mothers in their day to day efforts of 
building, fostering, and molding
each member of their family

you may recall that i was able to attend a Power of Moms retreat in Las Vegas
this organization is filled with powerhouse women who dedicate their lives to the cause of motherhood
arming mothers with the tools, knowledge, and a confidence to thrive in this most important work
their community is one of sharing and support
a place to draw upon the insights of women of all experiences, faiths, and beliefs

i truly am grateful to be a part of such organization and team of women
thank you to these ladies for this opportunity to share a brief little moment i had with felicity which opened my eyes to how to face my own falls
my failures, my bumps and bruises
through her little tumble off the swing

i would love for you swing on by over here
read this little parable
and comment to show support to such an incredible group working tirelessly to do a world of good among the mothers of the nations


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