Thursday, October 03, 2013

give me a push off the launchpad

launching new Nerium International anti-aging skincare business in Utah

hello friends
sending you all some crisp air and brightly painted leaves from this part of the world that experiences a true fall
friends its no secret that i rely on you
you my Sweet Dreams family
i recently reread the post that changed my life forever
the very first post in which i allowed myself to be vulnerable and share what Mike and I were truly experiencing
his long awaited diagnosis
this openness brought to my life one of the greatest blessings i could never have imagined
all of you
through your comments both on and off of this blog
i know that you care
i know that you are thinking about us
carrying our life and the weight of it upon your own shoulders
wrestling with the whys and hows
praying for us
some of you on a daily basis
you will never be able to comprehend how tangible all of that feels to me
i feel of your positive energy
i feel of your confidence in me
i feel of your prayers on our family's behalf

today i must ask for you help once again
its time for something else tangible

as you know, this past month we packed up our family in one week 
and moved up here to the mountains of Utah to be closer to what we pray is more suited healthcare for my husband Mike who has recently experienced a drastic decline with his Multiple Sclerosis
we are venturing on a new journey with me working to become the main provider for our family of six
something that must happen
and will
for i have been miraculously blessed to partner myself up with a ground breaking anti-aging company in the relationship marketing industry 
Nerium International
a company recently featured on the View and the Emmy's
i am launching my business here in Utah and would love your help in reaching out to as many people as possible
our phenomenal products and money making opportunity may not be for you,
but i would ask you to keep me in mind as you are talking with your friends and family who may be wanting to look ten years younger or make some real extra money
to celebrate the launch of my business here i am hosting two parties at my home in Draper
if you are here in Utah
i would love to see you and catch up!!

the parties will be 
TODAY Thursday the 3rd at 7:00 pm
NEXT Wednesday the 9th at 7:00 pm

see the FB invites for more details

please CLICK LIKE on my new business Facebook page to help spread the word
and to keep up to date with the latest products and accolades from our company
lets test the power of the press of a button
once i reach 100 likes i will be doing a giveaway of our flagship product

what gave us the freedom to pick up and move my business here to Utah?
the blessings of relationship marketing 
to be able to do my business from wherever i am
so you don't live in Utah and you want to find out more about how you can get the hottest anti-aging products on the market
click here
or learn how you can start making money and building dreams for your family
no more somedays
only todays
click here
or visit our website at 
then email me at mikeandbriana6 at gmail dot com if you would like to try a 30 day sample with a 30 day money back guarantee
or receive more information on how you can get start your own business with Nerium

3 months results using Nerium AD anti-aging night cream

after only three months of use
my skin had dramatically improved
but don't take my word for it 
watch this short video showing others' incredible results using Nerium AD

thank you dear friends
i can't wait to see your name flashing across my screen as my newest Facebook supporter
or wanting to let me help you look better and live better through Nerium


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