Thursday, October 24, 2013

just beyond the clouds

just beyond the clouds a perspective change during takeoff

sometimes all we see is the rain
the come and go drizzle
or perhaps the continual downpour
and oftentimes when we do finally look up to the source of the rain
all we see are the clouds
dark, looming clouds
we can't see past their seemingly impenetrable surface
we just see the vast cloud cover

and for a moment or longer we lose that reality of what is just beyond them
for those clouds are anything but impenetrable
their solid appearance is only just that
an appearance
they are easily passed through if we reach the right height
and just beyond them is a vast blue sky and warm sunshine

this month i was privileged to attend my company, Nerium International's, East Coast Bash in Baltimore
as with previous events i was richly fed from leaders who inspire and teach
our CEO launched an incredible worldwide initiative i am excited to share with you soon

during that weekend the city experienced record rainfall
and was completely enveloped in gloomy cloud cover
upon the conclusion of my trip i sat on my return flight and experienced take off as i never had before
the process impressed greatly upon my heart
a perspective change was made
as we lifted up with ease through those looming clouds
those clouds which had seemed unrelenting and menacing

we passed through them 
after some extended moments of obstructed sight
to reveal a gorgeous blue sky and beaming sun
the sunshine illuminating the tops of the clouds and their rolling beauty
i leaned against the window, closed my eyes, and soaked up the warmth of the light for a really long time
i sat mesmerized by an event that i had experienced probably a hundred times since my first flight alone as a child of ten years old
i saw this through new eyes
the eyes of this girl needing a perspective change

to remember what is just above the clouds
blue skies and sunshine
and to get there you must rise above them

there have been moments lately when all i have seen are the clouds and felt the beating of the relentless rain
those circumstances in my life that i have let consume me and weigh me down
those circumstances i have let build borders around me and limit my view
skew my true reality
that blue skies and sunshine are there
they are just beyond the clouds
and when i am lifted high enough to pass through them
i can see the bright blue
i can feel the warmth
i can experience their revitalization to the soul
i can bask in their beauty and light
and i will remember the journey and where i rose from

when you were able to rise above your clouds? what or who helped you rise?


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