Wednesday, November 13, 2013

hipster baby first birthday cake bunting tutorial

hipster baby boy first birthday cake bunting

i decided a cake bunting was a must
whether there was a cake or not

here is a quick overview of how to create your own hipster baby first birthday cake bunting

i utilized the SUPPLIES they provided us
bakers twine
aqua ribbon
patterned paper

and added a few elements of my own
bamboo skewers
solid colored paper
styrofoam circle

tassel making tutorial

wrap your baker's twine around a piece of cardboard at least a dozen times
the more wraps, the thicker your tassel
carefully slide the cardboard out whilst holding onto one end of the wrapped twine
wrap another piece of twine around that one end multiple times to create the top and tie off
cut the bottom folds of twine in half
make three tassels

tassel making tutorial

double knot your ribbon around one skewer
then double knot the end to the other skewer
leaving some slack in the center

silhouette cameo feathers

cut feathers into varying colors of solid colored paper
i used this set of cut images for my silhouette cameo
the smallest size was perfect for this bunting
you can also trace a pattern or use other die cuts
choose five feathers of varying colors

hipster baby boy first birthday cake bunting

cut a number one out of your patterned paper
i like how this little guy turned out looking quite fish shaped
like a little brave's fresh catch hanging on the line

carefully tie the ends of your feathers with the baker's twine
begin tying on your tassels and feathers onto the ribbon
i choose to tie the tassels on separately than the feathers

hipster baby boy first birthday cake bunting tutorial

gather your feathers, tassels, and number one in groups of three evenly spaced out along the ribbon

feather and tassel birthday cake bunting tutorial

if you are privileged to actually have a cake and not just a sorry excuse for one
press your skewers into the scrumptious surface of the cake
til candle lighting time

happy bunting making friends


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