Friday, November 15, 2013

plasti-dip pine cone ornament tutorial: a blue christmas blog hop

ever since i came across this tutorial when planning for craft explosion two years ago
i have been wanting to play with plasti dip
the enticement of taking something rather ordinary
and creating something more resembling a work of art
has remained in my mind all this time
when i was invited to be a part of the Blue Christmas Blog Hop with Amy from Commona My House
i knew exactly what i wanted to try
since the regular can of plasti dip was a little out of my price range
i decided to try my hand at the spray version
i didn't know what to expect
what i discovered was something rather fun

something ordinary like pine cone picks from the dollar store
spray plasti-dip {i purchased my from home depot in the paint department}
glitter in varying textures

you need some serious ventilation when working with this stuff
be sure to lay down paper or plastic to protect your surface from overspray
you will get a major workout shaking this can until you hear the metal ball rattle around before spraying
be sure to stay about 12" away while spraying

wait a minimum of 30 seconds between coats




sprinkle your glitter on top following your third coat of plasti-dip


four hours of drying time is recommended before use


the transformation of an ordinary pine cone was complete
the four coats of plasti dip dried fairly translucent
not quite as white as i was hoping
but i love how the glitter seems to have crystalized inside the medium

i am happy with the way they turned out
and it has sparked a greater interest to try another object
to try maybe letting the coats dry longer in between
to try not shaking the can as long as it says to so it doesn't spray as thin
to add more coats

i would love to hear what you would plasti-dip
have you tried the spray kind before?
chime in with any tips or experience you have had


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and their Blue Christmas Ornaments
hop on over and tell them hi from our Sweet Dreams are Made of These readers


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