Monday, August 27, 2007

July 2007: Tate's Blessing

The first Sunday in July, Michael blessed our little Tate. In our religion, children are not baptized until they are 8, but a special prayer is offered in which the one giving the blessing- usually the father-gives the baby his chosen name and pronounces special blessings upon the baby as directed by the Spirit of God. The words of the blessing that Michael gave were beautiful. Some of my favorite words of the blessing were "I bless you with a kind disposition, that you will feel love and kinship with your brothers; that you will be an example to them and learn from their good examples." It was a time of reflection and joy for our family. We were happy to have my Dad's brother Mark, sister Sherrie, and their families join us. The absense of all Mike's family was definitely felt though. Our family friend, Cheryl, was there once again to take photos of the occasion. I am grateful to her.


  1. Gorgeous pics Briana! Miss you. Much love, des

  2. I do not think I have ever heard a prettier blessing before, Mike spoke so eloquently..I loved it.

  3. Your little family is getting so big!!! You all look great! Glad the blessing went well.



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