Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 2009: WOW 24 Contestants!

This is going to be great, I can just taste it. You guys are going to help turn me into this Domestic Goddess:-) (or maybe just a few rungs down the cast system). This is the boost that I needed. Like I mentioned before, I do so much better at things when I make them into a game, and lots of you know that I LOVE to play games. Any excuse to create a game and I'm on it! I was so happy to have your participation and really you don't realize what a difference this has already made.

First off, 24 Contestants in my "Girls Got No Skills" Contest and Giveaway, WOW! I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anyone's submission. Somehow I lost my sister-in-law's amidst all my e-mails, comments, and front door dropoffs- so I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anyone else's. If you wanted to enter the contest and don't see your name here, please send me your recipe:

Melanie L., Sharyn K., Kim M., Jennifer B., Jennifer A., Courtney B., Cherie M., Brenda N., Linette S., Toria R., Michelle R., Aimee C., Anne H., Vanessa F., Amy H., Kelli D., Michelle M., Lindsey A., Angie S., Kandice W., Heidi B., Aileen V., Jennifer S. and Janae R.

So here's the plan.
1. Create scorecard based on my criteria- ease of production, healthy, kid-approved taste
2. Group like recipes together for ingredients purchase
3. Calender it out
4. START COOKING and hope I don't have to call the fire dept.
5. Blog as I go -somewhat like in the movie "Julie and Julia" which I was surprised to have loved-thought was a refreshing portrayal of marriage

I'm sure those experienced cooks will see holes in my plan, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks again and I was very encouraged by your remarks and my poll results that show that I'm not alone in this struggle!

"How much planning do you do for your meals?" Poll Results:
Monthly meal calender 0 (0%)
Weekly calender 5 (27%)
Every couple of days 5 (27%)
Fly by day 7 (38%)
Mostly out to eat 1 (5%)

Wish me luck!


  1. Hey Briana, this comment is not so much about your contest or how you lost my submission ;) but about your playlist... I love the Mr. Big song! That took me back! And surprisingly, I could sing just about every word of it. I wish my memory was that good in other areas!

  2. Hey Briana - sorry I missed your contest. I love to cook, the easier and simpler the better! A great easy recipe is Sara's banana should love it & my husband will eat it for breakfast!



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