Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 2009: Hair Cut Day

Ok, so I know I have A LOT of catching up to do on my blog posts, but I just had to interject into my chronological flow to get some tips from all your pro moms. So today is Saturday, I'm thinking a walk with the kids, some catching up on some abandoned chores, updating my seriously behind blog, returning long overdue emails, and giving the boys needed haircuts. Well little did I realize that today would simply become "Hair Cut Day".

Yes my boys will be grateful later in life, and I'm sure their wives and children will be too, that they have great, thick hair that grows rather quickly, but for Mom a.f.t.b.k.a. Stylist Extraordinaire (a.f.t.b.k.a. = also forced to be known as), not so much. Yes its marvelous for our family photos to have kids with great hair:-) but not when you are the one having to practically straight jacket your kids to get them to let you wash their hair, then have them sit on an unsturdy makeshift barber chair comprised of a folding chair and toy bin, wrap a way-too-big plastic covering around their neck, and ask them to sit tall and hold their head still for an amazing amount of time while water drips into their eyes as you comb their hair forward and then the itchiness starts on their nose and neck from all the cut hairs. I might as well have been using a hacksaw, I've got to get a good pair of scissors.

Well that was my Saturday, and all that not just for one boy, but for all 3. It took me 4 hours to wash and cut their hair today. Just for Owen, it was 2 hours. [Ok so truthfully he has the most hair and he wanted to go from surfer long to the tousled faux-hawk look:-) He has so much hair that the clippers wouldn't even work on him.] This time I even opted to forgo the convenience of cleanup on my kitchen floor to letting them sit in front of the TV in hopes of this speeding up the process. Overall I think the boys hair turned out pretty good, but Sharky's Cuts for Kids is looking pretty tempting next time. Mom can't compete with sitting in a mini-Hummer while getting your hair cut.

Please tell me you guys have some great solutions for "Hair Cut Day". I'd like to make room for other things on that day. Even solutions on how to help your kids overcome the fear of clippers.

Just have to add that no blood was drawn in the process today, so that is a plus!


  1. i believe i have "nicked" a couple of ears in my time. (sorry ry)
    i don't know how or why but i have also become the family stylist. i know 1 haircut....if that's not the cut you want...(trevor)...then get ready for your hair to get a bit shaggy. :)

  2. I have ended up having to buzz my boys hair too many times. So they now either take a field trip with Daddy to Great Clips (with a coupon of course!) or we have Nicki Smith cut the boys hair while my color sets. She is so reasonable and quick!

  3. My oldest HATED haircuts. We seriously had to hold him down (it was a two-person job) and allow him to take breaks every ten minutes. Buzzer or bust, baby.

  4. I have always wondered who cut your boys hair, so great job! I only have one boy and still put it off for a long time and then usually have Roy do it. I do all the girls' hair, but that is easier and less often than a boy needs it. So sorry, no great solution here besides letting them grow it all long and girly (but don't do that!)



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