Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009: Question Day

So its Wednesday, Question Day. If you have been following this week, you will know that I have been asked to be the "Spotlight" for a local Mom's Group I have joined. Despite being having its difficulties, I have enjoyed remembering some of the fun & crazy things that have happened in my life:-) Today is your chance to participate in this Spotlight. The mom's in the group will be asking me questions based on my Spotlight and 30 Random Facts. If you would like to ask me questions too, I'll be happy to answer. You may never get the chance again:-). Some of them have already asked me some, so I'll post those in the comments.

Tomorrow is picture day, that should be revealing:-)


  1. 3. Knocked out my front teeth when I was eight. A comedic novel could be written about my teeth problems.
    How did this happen??

    Well the shortened version is that we lived in AK at the time and our family attended a church activitiy where they were having an Eskimo Blanket Toss, basically a bunch of adults holding the edges of a huge blanket, but instead of like at Gymboree where they bounce small balls around, children are tossed around instead. My parents being on the cautious side, said “no way”. So to appease the pleas of their 4 small children, they took us all to 7-Eleven to get slurpies. I (refer to #13) walked into the 7-Eleven, tripped over an unmarked step, knocked out my front 2 teeth immediately swallowing them, and then was carried out by my father to proceed over to the ER. Needless to say, 7-Eleven paid for my teeth until I was 18.

  2. 5. Been in 2 car accidents- one involving a dirt jump & the other a concrete wall


    First one was in high school. My best friend Desiree and I were in my car (refer to # 23) following some cute boys, friends of mine, to go rapelling out in the middle of nowhere on some dirt road. Well, as described, my car was not real equiped for off-roading. The boys were driving in the car in front of us showing off and casting a huge cloud of dust & dirt over the road in front of me. All of a sudden I saw the boys break lights slammed and before I knew it we were in mid-air, my little car launched like a skee ball. Des and I luckily had been wearing seat belts but my back seat popped out and came forward against our seats. We landed as my hood popped open and the dust settled to reveal we were on the side of a cliff, not at the top but on the side. When we could finally see what happened, the morons (the cute & very apologetic morons) had led us straight for a dirt jump, maybe motocross, I’m not sure. Since they were in front they had avoided it, but with all the dust in the air we didn’t see it (Remember no cell phones back then to quickly warn us of oncoming danger). My car was later declared as totaled. There was no way I was going to drive my car off from the side of that cliff. I had one of the boys do it, looking back, how stupid could we be, he could have easily rolled down the cliff in my car. Anyway, long story short, we tied my hood down (still have a piece of the green rope-refer to #12) and really I can’t remember how I got it to a gas station. I had to call my Dad which I think I was more afraid of than anything else I had experienced.

  3. Second one was about 3 years ago. I was coming home from a yoga class, hurrying because my husband needed to leave for a meeting. I entered our neighborhood driving our little Toyota Echo. My lane was ending and I needed to merge over to the left lane but there was a car there. I tried to merge but the car would not let me. I sped up and the car sped up. I ran out of lane and hit the curb probably going about 50. My car spun out of control. I remember spinning around feeling like something was holding me in my seat. I watched out my driver’s side window as I slammed straight into a concrete wall, one of those thick ones they use to separate nieghborhoods from the noise of busy streets. I remember looking up and seeing a flood of people from the park across the street running at me. Someone began to ask me questions and I don’t remember if I knew the answers. What I did remember was that I had found out the night before that I was pregnant. I had recently miscarried and that fear was fresh in my mind. Miraculously a familiar face appeared, a lady from my church who had felt like she should just take a drive around the neighborhood for no apparent reason. She also happened to be a nurse. I told her that I was pregnant and she stayed right with me. Another miracle was a friend of mine had passed my accident right after it happened, saw that it was me and that I was being attended to and had the common sense to go straight to my house to tell Mike and stay with the kids so he could come to me. Mike had had a feeling that something had been wrong. He came to be with me right before the ambulance arrived. Let me tell you that the most painful thing about the whole thing was having a neck brace on and being strapped to the gurney. Those things are beyond uncomfortable, they are painful. I was examined at the hospital only to find that I had muscle strain in my neck, that was it. I couldn’t believe it. I was told that I was very lucky. I definitely think that my body being limber from my yoga class was a huge help to avoiding injury. I was also told that they could not believe I didn’t have any other injuries because I should have been tossed around in my car especially since my air bag did not go off. I truly felt that God had protected me and something or someone had kept me firmly planted in my seat. I could not drive for awhile after being so traumatized emotionally and since the accident happened at the entrance of my neighborhood I had to painfully pass by “my wall” for months before it was repaired. I found out after coming home that I had taken out a tree and knocked through the wall into the neighbors’ backyard and my car had been totaled. I would like to meet my guardian angel:-)



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