Friday, October 28, 2011

Talking All Morning

Abigail is doing great today.  She has had a few pain crying spells, but overall has been happy.  She's been talking up a storm.  The nurses told Jani that she was talking all morning.  I am sure that was such a relief for Jani and Jesse to see their happy baby return.  Jani heard a rumor that Abigail might get to go home tomorrow.  I will be anxiously awaiting that news!

Jani just sent me this photo of the sleeping angel snoozing peacefully.  She said that they are getting ready to move her out of the ICU!  I hope she gets her own window again:)

***UPDATE Oct 29 10:31 am from my phone***
Fantastic news...Abigail will be going home today!!! This has to be my most favorite photo of Abigail. It brings me such joy to see her glowing with such life. Her little eyes sparkling, her flush cheeks, and engaging smile. What a site this must be for Jani and Jesse. Jani said that Abigail won't stop talking.
Just got a text while I was typing this...
Abigail is free! She has been released from the hospital!!!!


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