Monday, October 10, 2011

Black and white and smiles all over: Cousins Captured

What a joy to have cousins!  And aren't these the cutest bunch of cousins you have ever seen.  I am sure you can imagine the amount of photos that were taken to find one in which the majority of the kids were looking simultaneously.  What you cannot even begin to imagine is the amount of yodeling, yelling, Lukabic {my brother Luke's own intense language}, drum rolling, dancing, and arm flailing that went on behind the scenes from parents and grandparents to capture the attention of these mostly willing subjects.  Perhaps you can relate.

The lightning quick hands of mothers reapplying headbands, taking hands off of faces, tucking hair out of eyes, and in our case, retrieving escapees and returning them back to their assigned black square.  This floor is stunning, especially adorned with such darling accessories.  And yes, this is my mother's exquisite home.  And yes, she has a white sofa even with eleven grandchildren.

Each child {besides the sleeping babes} is on the step representing their age 
{well, at least that was how they started:)} ...0,1,3,4,5,6,9

Look at all these adorable faces...

and toes.

Felicity was delighted to see Mommy way up high taking her picture.  If only everyone noticed me up here with the camera.  Yoo-hoo kids, look up here.  Up here!!

The occasion for such a celebratory session...
the meeting of dear sweet cousin Abigail.
It was a touching experience having all of the cousins be together and meet little Abigail, a baby they have been praying for at every prayer throughout each and every day.  They had grown to love her before they had ever met her.  Such genuine love!  A love fit for the best of cousins.

Our family has been greatly blessed with the arrival of two beautiful girls: 
Abigail Elizabeth

and Charlotte Mae

As a family we will be once again asking for your prayers in behalf of Abigail Elizabeth.  She will be undergoing her second surgery sooner than expected, on October 19th.  I will of course follow up with more details as they arrive.  Please keep Jesse, Jani, and Abigail in your hearts and prayers as they prepare for another jolting experience in their fresh life together as a little family.

***UPDATE Oct. 10 10:25 am***
Your heart belongs to us all, Abigail!!

Today Abigail will be intubated for her eight hour MRI in preparation for her second heart surgery scheduled for October 19th.  Jani is praying that all will go well today so that Abigail will not have to stay overnight in the hospital.  She sent me a text message this morning with this darling little photo and the subject line, "looking cute for the drs."  How could these doctors' own hearts not just melt when they see this package of cuteness looking up at them.  Truly Abigail, your heart belongs to us all.

***UPDATE Oct 16 7:56 pm***

Jani said that Abigail was a champ for her MRI and was able to come home that night!  The color in her skin has become more blue due to her oxygen levels becoming lower and lower.  These decreasing levels are the reason that the surgery is needed a lot sooner than expected.  This coming Tuesday she will go to the hospital once again for some final tests and labs before her surgery on Wednesday.  We would so appreciate your prayers and thoughts on her behalf once again.  Thank you.


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