Monday, October 31, 2011

Period of Adjustment

Last night was the first night that Abigail, Jesse, and Jani were back in their own home as a family unit.  They had stayed at Jani's family's house the previous one.  Jani's family has been a great support to them over these past months.  Such a blessing!

I was able to Skype with Jesse and Abigail yesterday and it was a joy to see her smiling face with that adorable tuft of red hair.  Jesse had expressed concerns regarding Abigail adopting new characteristics and preferences since this last hospital experience.  In some ways the baby they have now is very different from the one that went into the hospital.   I think it will be a period of adjustment for all of them as they try to settle back in to some sort of schedule as well as understand Abigail's new needs and behaviors.

Thankfully last night was much better than her first night out of the hospital.  Abigail, and consequently Jesse and Jani, had a really good night.  Today Abigail has seemed very happy.  So happy to see her in such a typical infant setting: surrounded by toys, fingers in mouth, and in a cozy environment - her own home.


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