Thursday, March 01, 2012

Just perfect, rust and all

'shelves' was the word of destiny that i entered into my Craigslist search
out came these
my early birthday present {that's how i had to pitch it to Mike}
aren't they perfect, rust and all

they stand 6' 6" 
span 5'
and weigh 300-400 lbs
they are not messing around

see those boxes back there...
filled with all my project and sewing supplies
my creative vehicles still packed
why are the contents still inside?
because they did not have a home
meet their new home
aren't they lovely?

what made them more lovely was the story that came with them
they were the owner's grandfather's lockers that were given to him when he retired from the LA County Fire Department 30 yrs ago.
701 was his 
the owner is a beautiful mother who will retire from the service this coming August and has never been deployed until now.  she is off to Saudi Arabia leaving her husband and children behind.
it was difficult for her to sell these, but she needed the money.
which i felt guilty wasn't very much.

i know she gained comfort in the fact that i was in love with the lockers and their history.
i was honored to give them a new home and promised to take good care of them.
it is a beautiful feeling connecting with a perfect stranger.

our prayers will be going out to Cerena and her daughter who has been deployed to Iraq.
thank you ladies for your commitment to our country.
a family with a legacy of honored service.

now we need to recruit a few more muscles to help us maneuver these into my craft room.
i can not wait to see all my pretty things inside.
i've missed them.


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