Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walking away from the Wheel

photo by LoftyDreams

letting someone else be at the helm of your boat is sometimes excruciatingly hard to do
especially if you've been steering for awhile
and you thought you had set a dreamingly picturesque and safe course,
say a trip in the French Riviera perhaps,
a course that you thought would have brought you to those things you thought you needed
and for me, possibly could have sent our uninvited guest partially stranded at the next pier

a couple of days ago i had to relinquish the steering wheel back to the Master
He had always been in the boat with His all seeing, endlessly viewing omniscope
but for awhile He would give me a coordinate or two and i would proceed accordingly to my best judgement
this time He did a complete course correction, needing to be at the helm Himself

how i didn't want to peel my fingers from that wheel and surrender it
for He would not have taken it from me
it had to be me relinquishing

and oh it was a sharp one and jolting in its quick course change
not only for i, for i was not the only passenger
others i love felt the jolt as well

and although i didn't see a storm ahead
or perhaps can't see the even greater beauty ahead in this new course
i feel peace...
along with moments of loss, anger, fear, and defeat,
but overwhelmingly peace
in knowing that i have the Master at the helm of my ship
and that He granted me the strength to walk away from that wheel.


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